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I'm Kristen Thomas.

Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist in Kansas City, Missouri

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Kristen is based in Kansas City, but her coaching services are available wherever you are. Whatever your situationship may be, Kristen is here to help.

    Ready to break old relationship habits? Get expert coaching from Kristen Thomas with Open the Doors Coaching. Gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals to transform your dating and sex life. Whether it’s optimizing dating apps, understanding sexual anatomy, addressing sexual issues, navigating post-marriage dating, or exploring your sexuality or gender identity, Kristen provides personalized education and support. Learning to trust others, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, or even being willing to put yourself back into the dating world is overwhelming for many because they don’t know where to start. Coaching can help support you in developing a plan to shake what’s holding you back. Boost your self-esteem, improve your dating skills, and “get your sexy back” with a collaborative approach. Discover a fulfilling and empowered dating and sex life. Kristen supports singles in all types of situations: Using dating apps and websites to find the caliber of partner you want in life. I will review which sites you utilize, and what your profile says about you. I will offer suggestions to help you attract better matches. Not sure you know what you’re doing…in bed? Some people don’t understand sexual anatomy. Thanks, abstinence-only sex ed! There is no shame in not understanding how our bodies work, or what you really find pleasurable. Sexology 101 can help clients who have struggled with the basics. Held back by what something? Issues such as vaginismus, early ejaculation, and low libido that can affect your quality and quality of sex. Sexual issues have solutions, and working with a coach can help you find your way to a healthy and flourishing sex life. Tired of being ghosted? How many times have you been on a great first date, only to never hear from them again? I can observe what type of impression you make, discuss what your body language says, and practice how to have deeper conversations so that the first date doesn’t become the last. Getting back into the dating world after the end of a marriage or the loss of a partner is a lot to take in. People who have been in a long-term relationship for at least 10 years have no idea how much dating has been altered in our modern age. Sometimes there is prep work that needs to be done. I call it “getting your sexy back”, and that can involve a lot depending on where the client is at. A sex coach like me can help you focus on yourself, and support you every step of the way in getting that sexy back! Guy, gal, gay, or they – doesn’t matter. We all want to feel good in our own skin before we get back out there again. Questioning your sexuality or gender? Sexual expression and attraction truly are like a spectrum. There is no black or white anymore. If you have questions about yourself, let’s discuss your thoughts and fears, set goals, and find support systems or community resources that will allow you to live as your ideal self.
    In our culture, it is commonly assumed that it is natural for couples to lose passion or sexual intimacy through the course of their relationship. Why is this so? I don’t mean why does this happen to couples, but rather, why do we accept it as the natural course of long-term relationships? There is no “how to” book in the world that will give couples all the answers they are looking for to improving their sex lives. If those books worked, the world would be a perfect place and you wouldn’t be looking at my website right now, would you? A one-size-fits-all approach can’t account for everything in the human experience. That’s why more and more people are turning to a sex coach like me for support. Coaching couples is one of my favorite things about being a sex coach. Couples, and sometimes just one person of a pair, come to me when they need to bounce ideas off someone neutral, to vent all their thoughts about their body, their sexuality, their relationship history, and their desires for their love lives. I help people make sense of it all, to discover what they truly want for their lives, and to move forward into a life filled with joy, peace, and great sex. Couples reach out to Kristen for a variety of reasons. Preferences in the bedroom don’t match over time. When one partner doesn’t understand why their lover likes something, I help facilitate an open dialogue. Many couples experience mismatched libido at times during their relationship. This can be resolved when partners learn to approach the situation with compassion and understanding with my support. Couples who waited until marriage may find they have trouble expressing their sexual desires to their partner, or they simply don’t know how to build a vivacious sex life together because they don’t know the language of sexuality to even say what they want. You don’t know what you don’t know! Exploration with guidance from a coach helps people overcome shame, embarrassment, and unease at where to begin. New couples who want to do it right this time can work with a coach like me to help them change their communication patterns and leave old and unhealthy habits behind them. Fresh starts require a fresh attitude. Some couples are ready for something a little kinkier. Swinging, bondage, domination, submission, polyamory, open relationships, pegging, fetish exploration…there are so many topics out there today that couples reach out to a sex coach to discuss. Many couples are ready to explore, but not sure where to start. Let me support you in finding groups of like-minded folks, or reputable websites to gain further insight. I will help you learn more about your fantasies, how to turn them into practice safely, and to give yourself permission for pleasure in whatever form you find it. Long-term couples that are dissatisfied with the level of intimacy. There are ways to regain the desire you once had, or ignite something completely new. You do not have to be the couple that doesn’t have sex anymore. You can recover from a sexless marriage or relationship. Whether you and your partner come to sessions together, or it’s just you who is open to coaching, you deserve the best sex life possible, and sex coaching can be just the thing to give you exactly what you want.
    These services are for individuals interested in something a bit bolder in their sex life. Some call it non-vanilla. Some call it kink. Call it what you like, but I won’t use the terms “norm” or “normal”, as that isn’t how I describe sexual expression or desire between adults. So long as there is consent and communication between all involved parties, all is fair game. Not all couples believe in life-long monogamy. Not all couples enjoy only vanilla sex. Not all couples are cis-gendered and straight. Kristen supports clients who are interested in: Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadomasochism. These are erotic power exchanges. Some couples have one partner who is experienced and desires to try BDSM, but one partner isn’t certain if they are down. Other couples have only allowed this in their fantasy lives. I can coach you through apprehension and find a way to vocalize to your partner what your comfort levels are and help you discover what you’re into. Even individuals may want to find a dominatrix or club to enter into exploration completely on their own. I can help you find trusted contacts or facilitate an introduction. Swinging, open relationship, polyamory, ethical non-monogamy. Whatever you practice, or are wanting to learn more about, a sex coach can help you explore, remove stigma, and gain self-acceptance. Setting clear boundaries after exploring where those boundaries lie with a coach present can elicit expressions of desire that will help you more clearly see what choices are right for you as a couple. Remember, you get the write the rules together in your relationship. No longer are we bound by rigid societal expectations as we were in the past. There is much more freedom and acceptance of non-monogamy, there are resources, there are support groups, there are clubs, there are meet ups, and so much more for those in the lifestyle than you can imagine if you’re just getting into the idea. Cross-dressing and transgender clients may need support with how to come out to their loved ones and social circle. If you think you might be into cross-dressing, are transgender, or are non-binary, I want to support you as you begin exploring those worlds. Talking to someone that is not going to judge your life, and will help you find support systems within your community is essential. As a coach, I can do things a therapist can’t. For instance, let’s go shopping together as you find a way to express yourself with your own unique style that affirms your gender identity. Attending support groups for LGBTQ together would be my pleasure, or let me connect you to a non-profit or support group that will help you if you aren’t safe doing these things. We can even go together to a networking event to build your confidence in shaking someone’s hand and using your preferred name and pronoun. Additional resource: Kink Aware Professionals and Poly Aware Professionals
    Welcome to Girls’ Night In with Coach Kristen! Are you prepared to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable experience? Coach Kristen Thomas is pleased to introduce "Girls’ Night In,” an exclusive service designed for women who believe in the magic of connection and the strength found in sisterhood. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette party, or embracing a new chapter post-divorce, Coach Kristen is here to make your event truly extraordinary. Why Choose Girls’ Night In with Coach Kristen? Empowerment in Every Celebration: Girls’ Night In is not just a party; it's a celebration of ALL OF YOU! Coach Kristen brings her empowering coaching expertise to create an atmosphere of positivity, self-discovery, and camaraderie. Elevate your event with a touch of inspiration and motivation that will leave a lasting impact. Tailored to Your Theme: From glamorous bachelorette extravaganzas to uplifting post-divorce gatherings, Girls’ Night In is customized to suit your unique occasion. Coach Kristen collaborates with you to infuse your event with the perfect blend of fun and meaningful moments, ensuring an experience that reflects your style. Party, Purpose, and Positivity: Transform your party into an unforgettable journey of connection and personal growth. Coach Kristen weaves together interactive activities, engaging discussions, and personalized coaching moments to ensure that every guest leaves with a sense of empowerment and connection. Available in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area: Coach Kristen is ready to bring the Girls’ Night In experience to your doorstep in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Whether your party is going to be in KC, Overland Park, Liberty, or any surrounding areas, she’s excited to make your celebration one to remember. How it Works: Reach Out: Contact Coach Kristen to discuss your event details, theme, and vision. Personalized Planning: Together, we'll create a tailored Girls’ Night In experience that aligns with your celebration. The Party: Coach Kristen will join your privately hosted event, bringing her expertise and positive energy to elevate the experience for you and your guests. Ready to transform your special occasion into an unforgettable Girls’ Night In? Contact Coach Kristen Thomas today and let the celebration begin!

Pleasure is your birthright. Someone is going to have a great sex life. Shouldn't it be you? —KT

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