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Embark on a Holistic Journey of Sexual Empowerment with Certified Sex Coach™ Kristen Thomas

Welcome to the empowering world of sex coaching, where relationships, dating, and intimacy take center stage. Kristen Thomas, a Certified Sex Coach deeply devoted to fostering passion, guides you on a transformative journey to deepen connections and experience true intimacy. 

Kristen brings extensive training from Sex Coach U, mentored by Dr. Patti Britton (the Mother of Sex Coaching), and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her expertise empowers clients to achieve goals, build confidence, and create authentic relationships.

Holistic Approach to Empowering Connections

Kristen's holistic approach identifies your goals, enhances skills, and provides personalized resources. Whether addressing bedroom challenges, body image issues, or self-disconnection, Kristen supports you in overcoming mindsets or limiting beliefs that hold you back and move you into cultivating a more fulfilling intimate life.

Coaching is for those seeking "even better"—ready for change and wanting more from their life and relationships. It's not just for crisis moments; it's for those who also crave improvement and deeper fulfillment. In other words, whether you’ve never had an orgasm or your sex life is pretty good, there’s always room for “even better”.

Explore Kristen's Insights Through Interviews and Writing

Kristen's passion extends beyond coaching sessions to her popular podcast, "Keep Them Coming." Explore sex-positive, informative, and inclusive discussions on sexual health, lovemaking, activism, and self-care. Her guests include CEOs, sex workers, health advocates, transgender rights activists, ex-evangelicals, porn stars, cancer survivors, therapists, and fellow sex coaches.

In her monthly sex and relationship column in The Pitch, also titled “Keep Them Coming”, Kristen offers fresh perspectives on sex toys, dating, BDSM, polyamory, and more. Filled with empowering and informative content, including candid interviews and practical tips, you won’t want to miss a month! 

Ready for something more? Discover self-connection and fulfillment now!

What is sex coaching?

Sex coaching is a talk-only, collaborative journey toward a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Tailored to individual needs, it combines sexuality education, mental reframing, emotional balance, behavioral training, and resource referrals. Your story finds a safe and confidential space with Coach Kristen.

You deserve a sex life that brings joy. Coach Kristen is here to redefine your experience, whether single or partnered. Experience empowering sex coaching for a life that's healthy, happy, and fulfilling. 

Pleasure is your birthright!


PS: It’s totally okay if you want things such as masturbation coaching or to pay to have someone watch you rub one out. That just isn’t what Kristen does. Hire a sex worker online. #SexWorkIsRealWork 

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