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Take advantage of special offers and discounts from companies in partnership with Open the Doors Coaching


Bathmate is one of the very few companies that make medically-classified penis pumps, a certification that means all our pumps are fully tested and built to provide a safe level of pressure, preventing any serious injury.

No code necessary. Just use this link to shop.


UVee ® Sanitizer

UVee's patented UV-C light system effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses that may cause infection.

Use code COACHKRISTEN for 5% off.


Awkward Essentials

Awkward Essentials burst onto the personal product scene in early 2020 with a viral video of their product plunging into a Twinkie. Four years later, founder and friend of OTDC Francis Tang has created an array of products for women/AFAB’s crotch care.

Use code COACHKRISTEN at checkout.


Eddie by Giddy

Eddie’s the most innovative wearable device designed to treat ED in history. Now it’s available over-the-counter to men and their partners looking for a treatment for ED, or an increase in their performance.

Save $20 with code COACHRKISTEN20.


Intimate Rose

From pain with penetration to bladder leaks, hormone imbalances, and everything in between, Intimate Rose has a product for you.


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