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The language of love is synonymous with liberation. It is a language that speaks to the heart of social justice, a call to action for dismantling oppressive systems, and a celebration of the diverse expressions of love that contribute to a more equitable and liberated world. Kristen's vision reflects a profound understanding that true sexual liberation can only be achieved when it becomes an integral part of the broader struggle for justice and equality.


Make your journaling more personal, private, and stylish with this matte hardcover journal. Available in 5.75"x8", with 150 lined pages. The matte laminate coating on the cover will make them stay true to your personal style.


.: 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
.: Matte finish
.: "Liberation is my love language" on the bottom right of the front cover

Hardcover Journal - Matte White

SKU: 46405567287241649681
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